The State Research Institute for Restoration (GOSNIIR) of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is the leading Russian scientific and research centre.

GOSNIIR is a successor to All-Union Scientific Institute for Restoration (VNIIR) and numbers nearly fifty-year history that began in 1957, when All-Union Central Scientific Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration of museum values (VCNILCR) was founded. The creation of such an Institution was a necessary link in the process of natural development of principles of cultural values presentations. It is at that time, in the end of fifties in our country and abroad has taken place a process of isolation of restoration sciences into an independent field. Besides traditional historical and art-critical studies and practical restoration of monuments appeared the problems of complex exploration of their material foundation (physical-chemical, biological, thermo-physical and others), development of materials and technologies, choice of general principles of their preservation. Since that time GOSNIIR remains the only and unique institution in this field, the general line of activity may be defined as “development of scientific and methodical foundation of studying, practical restoration and preservation of cultural and historical monuments”.

Beginning from the moment of founding VCNILCR was carrying out an active and fruitful scientific activity, directed at studying existed and developing new restoration materials, properties of glues, varnishes, solvents, using physical and physical-chemical methods of analysis for technological studies. New methods of conservation and restoration of painting, works of applied arts and sculpture, biological protection were developed.

A great affection was paid to an artistic expertise. Publishing activity in information and arts materials was successfully carried out. Beginning from the middle-seventies into plans of scientific works were included problems of keeping museum values as well as of history of restoration and protection of monuments. At the same time Laboratory first in our country works out two textbooks for education of restorers in arts schools and institutes: “Fundamentals of museum conservation and researching of works of easel painting” and “Restoration of easel oil painting”.

Together with research experimental practical works in the following directions have take place: restoration of 15th century icons from iconostasis of Uspensky Cathedral of Kirillo-Belozersky monastery; polychrome sculpture and painting of European 15th century altars by B. Notke and H. Rode from Tallinn; the oldest manuscripts, for example “Izbornik Sviatoslav” (1073); works of easel oil painting of a lot of famous painters: F. Rokotov, D. Levitzky, V. Tatlin, L. Kranach, F. Branacchi and others, monumental painting of old Russian Cathedrals in Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great, Solvychegodsk, Ustjug the Great; wall-painting on gunch of architectural monuments in the Middle Asia; Korsunsky and Magdeburg bronzed gates of Sofia Cathedral in Novgorod; unique archaeological finds and many other monuments of history and culture. Institute’s activity is highly esteemed by international fellow ship of conservators and restorers.

GOSNIIR passes a collection of unique methodics, archival material and first of all – a body of first-rate specialists.

Presently the main directions of GOSNIIR activity are:

  • Scientific work on restoration and conservation of museum values and monuments. Practical restoration.
  • Keeping of museum values and monuments.
  • Scientific and artistic expertise of works of art.
  • History of cultural heritage protection.
  • Training of personnel.
  • Publishing activity.

Existing modern structure of the Institute makes it possible to control effectively scientific experimental activity in restoration.

Structure of the Institute includes the following departments:

  • Department of tempera painting.
  • Department of restoration of easel oil painting.
  • Department of monumental painting.
  • Department of manuscripts restoration.
  • Department of explorations, conservation and restoration of metals.
  • Department of monumental sculpture.
  • Department of applied arts.
  • Laboratory of chemical technologies of restoration process.
  • Laboratory of biological research.
  • Laboratory of physical and chemical research.
  • Laboratory of museum climatology.
  • Sector of expertise and registration.
  • Editorial-publishing department.
  • Scientific-technical archive.


Address: The State Research Institute for Restoration (GOSNIIR)
Gastello ul., d. 44, building 1

107014, Moscow, Russian Federation

+7(499) 268-50-77

E-mail: info@gosniir.ru

Website: www.gosniir.ru